Friday, July 20, 2012

History of Divya Prabhandham

Sriman Narayana, the divine consort of Sri mahalakshmi and the abode of innumerable auspicious qualities, propagated the Vedas in order to enlighten us, the samsaris about the tattva trayam [chit, achit and ishvara]which enables us to attain moksham . 

But the samsaris having subjected to the birth and death cycle so called the samsaram from time infinite, could not grasp the purport of the Vedas and hence the purpose of propagating them was unaccomplished. 

Then, he gave us the Sastras and still due to this samsara sambhandam, we never read and acted according to Sastras and hence that effort of Sriman Narayanan went futile.

So the almighty having decided to preach the vaidika dharmas himself, incarnated in the form of Rama, krishna and such and through acharanam and upadesham tried to teach the samsaris . Even then these Jivas regarded the divine incarnations as mere humans and so never followed them .

The lord then thought that these jeevaatmas should not be guided by him who is completely foreign [visajatheeyan] to them, but by their fellow samsaris only. An example our acharyas would say for this context his, when a hunter decides to catch an animal from the wild, he uses an already trained animal to induce the wild animal.
Thus he handpicked some among them and graced them with complete knowledge about the three tattvas and with very deep devotion towards Him. These Jivatmas who came to be known as AZHWARS due their profound devotion, sung the glories of Sriman Narayana. 

At last, the lord's wish was fulfilled ! The Alwars through their divine poems, which are regarded as the Divya Prabandam, which were the outpourings of their supreme bliss, guided many samsaris to the path of eternal servitude [ Nitya kainkaryam ] to Sriman Narayana. 

In this way the Nalayira Divya prabandas known as the Dravida Vedas for they contain the essence of the eternal Samskrita Vedas, were given to the samsaris to understand the true meaning of the shastras and follow them eventually leading to Moksham. 

Kolahalan S - Thirukovalur
Manivannan S- Thirukovalur
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